International Network on School-Heritage

Object of the network is the cooperation of the members with the objective to promote the conservation, research, documentation and presentation of material relicts of history of education in school museums, school history collections and research institutions.

The network will promote the history of education and the value of school history collections for the general public and towards national cultural, educational and governmental institutions. As custodians of our joint educational heritage the member institutions are vital in the connection between history and current issues in the social, political and educational field. The network will work as intermediary between its members for these current issues.

Furthermore the network will organize exchanges between its members and improve cooperation between institutions and individuals who are committed to the conservation, research, documentation and presentation of school and education history.

The network also plays an important role in attending to the general interests of school museums, collections and research institutions.

Last but not least the network will work to enhance and broaden the knowledge and quality of collection work, presentation and research of its members.

In the upcoming years the network will host a growing number of activities, beginning with the launch of a website for its members and enabling its members to organize the International Symposia for School Museums and School History Collections and research institutions. The first symposium supported by the network will be held in July 2013 and every two years year after that.

The network will initiate trans-border projects, such as expositions, publications and pedagogical programs, between its members.

The EEIG does not operate in the direction of economic profit.